About Us.

Abbie and I met in college in Tallahassee, Florida where we both went to Florida State University. My husband actually knew Abbie before I did because they both worked together. At some point when my husband and I were dating, he needed a new place to live and Abbie needed a 4th roommate. Enter, my introduction to one of my best friends. Abbie happened to be a little intoxicated the night we met, but we instantly hit it off. Despite her weird food niches, like her enjoying burnt grilled cheese and not being able to eat eggs if the yokes were broke, we continued to bond over food and life. Abbie actually taught me how to run and I am now training for my 4th full marathon!

At some point, Abbie and I both moved away from Florida but continued to remain close friends. Abbie introduced me to the blog world and I instantly became a little obsessed. Further down the line we just said to ourselves, "we should do one of these blog things!" And so we did.

We started this blog to help stay connected to each other and everyone in the in between of our lives all while keeping our hearts and tummies full.

Abbie now lives in Baltimore and I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work on this blog all for the love of life, the love of food, and all the pretty things in between. We hope you enjoy the glimpses into our worlds. 

Thanks for stopping by and cheers,


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