IFBC Roundup: Days 2 & a wee bit of 3

Ok! I'm ready to share the rest of the conference with y'all. It was a packed schedule, but the gals and I were super excited to get started and learn/eat all the things that we're being offered. 

So, of course, we had to start a day with coffee. Wonderful, smooth, delicious and beautiful Seattle coffee. What a treat! I mean, San Francisco knows coffee, and Philz has my heart, but this stuff is good.


Morgan brought Tiff and I to her local shop called Lighthouse Roasters. Lighthouse opened in 1993 and was one of the original roaster cafes in the area. 

I order a large (full fat!) latte. I wish they had an extra large option...

Then onto the conference we went and we were granted with a lovely spread hosted by Noosa Yoghurt. I'm a huge fan of Noosa and first tried it when I lived in Colorado, as they are a Colorado company and all. I fell in love! This stuff is so decedent and rich. It's like eating dessert for breakfast, which is always fun. When I saw them pop up in the store in California, I kinda freaked and told all my friends to buy some ASAP. 

During our breakfast, we each got our own little serving and they happen to be debuting their new pumpkin flavor! 

Then we're had our conference welcome and key note speakers, Karen Page and Andrew Domenburg, authors of many books, one being "The Flavor Bible." 

Followed by a presentation by Todd Coleman about modern photography and a cooking demo by The Chef in the Hat

My favorite part of the morning, after Noosa, was this little slider of duck confit that as passed out during the cooking demo. I've never had duck before this and it tasted a bit like pork to me. Not bad at all!

After a long morning, we needed a little stroll and some fresh air. We headed back to Pike Place Market to see some liveliness as it was all closing the night before when we attempted a visit. 

We had such amazing weather this weekend, I really can't imagine this place being rainy and cloudy all the time.

Wild fisherman...yes please!

I really wanted to see them throw a fishy, but I didn't want to seem to touristy, so we didn't linger too long.

The flowers!

And all the colors! This place was sensory overload, and not in a bad way. 

We stepped into Beecher's Handmade Cheese Shop and snatched a few tasty samples.

The place smelled entirely of toasted cheese straws. Heavenly!

Piroshky Piroshky Bakery. Our mid-day, real time, snack. We wanted the smoke salmon one, because it is the best seller and Seattle being the Pac West and all, but they were sold out! Dang it. Beef and cheese was the runner up. And a good runner up it was...

We moseyed on back from our outing just in time for the next session. We planned to attend the Discover The World Of Wine with Bordeaux Wines event, but since we moseyed a bit too long (that dang piroshky was good!), the session was full. I ended up in the Know Your Beef, Know Your Butchery: Cut Education Session with the Beef Checkoff.

That session was probably one of my favorite, so I am glad I had to go! We got some really great resources on how to cook eat type of beef, how long, which cuts are which, why to marinate and which cuts you should/shouldn't marinate. I am excited to dive into some different cuts!

We finally made it into the evening. After all our sessions and our brains a little fuzzy, we got to stuff our faces with the Taste of Seattle & Gourmet Fair. It is basically a giant room and everywhere you look, there is more delicious, beautiful food and drink samples people want you to try. We were greeted with this dirty martini bar set up by Lindsay Olives. This was just the beginning and I wanted all the things!! I tried to capture my favorite ones at least...

Ninja was one of the many sponsors and they sampled some of their green juice. 

I almost put my martini down and drank another one of these guys. Almost...

Have you heard of Sous Vide? It is a method of cooking, basically putting meat into an airtight container and cooking at a consistent, controlled temperature over a long period of time. They were sampling Wagyou (a cut of beef I've never heard of before this) and seriously, it was the best steak I've ever, ever had. I still think about it.

Kukuruza popcorn. I grabbed a truffle and Seattle style. So far, I've only tried the truffle. I tried to just eat 1/2 the bag. Didn't happen. I know the other bag is the only one I have left so I am hording it.

Crisp was a sponsor and they made the cutest little salsa trays and sangria samples. 

My favorite snack I took away! Sante Nuts. Keep an out eye for a future post about them and a giveaway!!

And these wonderous bites of meat made by Relish.

Nearly fourteen hours later. We needed some lady time drinks. Old fashioneds all around to wrap up day 2.

Sunday! The end of it all. One last stop by Lighthouse. I was so sad when the last sip came. 

We attended one more sess and called it a day. Tiff and I both had afternoon flights and had to head to the airport. 

But before we left. A giant burger the size of my head please (note the salad on the side in the back too). 

Overall, it was a really great trip and conference. There were pros and cons, but I feel like I can't complain too much. I got to see a new town, visit with old friends, and eat amazing food. I was able to take a little bit away from each session and learned about a lot of new companies I'd love to partner with. Plus, networking and meeting other bloggers was lovely. See why, complain? 



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