Preparing for the International Food Blogging Conference

In just over a week, I'll be packing my bags and heading out to Seattle for a few days. I am crazy excited because I've wanted to get up to Washington for some adventures since we moved to the West Coast three years ago. 

So what's bringing me to the Pacific Northwest? 

Food. Of course.

I'm headed to the International Food Blogger's Conference (IFBC) organized and hosted by Foodista.com and Zephyr Adventures!

Now, this is my second time going to a food blogger event and if it is anything like the first one, I know I am going to be drinking, eating, and talking a lot. The last time, I had no idea what I was in for, so at least this time around I can prepare a little bit better and share some tips on how I am preparing. 

You know me, I am a planner...

Things to bring and pack:
  • Cell phone with an extra battery and/or charger
    • You'll be using your phone a lot to take photos, jot down notes, finding places to eat/drink on your down time, and directions. Your battery can get drained pretty fast, so be prepared. 
  • Camera with an extra battery and/or charger
    • Some folks might just be using their phones for photos, but I love my big camera for better quality photos
    • Bring your USB cable to upload photos to you computer if you bring it
  • Computer or Ipad + Charger
    • On your down time you can upload content, photos, or blog about the events
  • Pen and Paper
    • I love my Moleskin and usually carry it around in my bag. It is small enough to tote most places (and not have to plug in). 
  • Comfy shoes and comfy clothes
    • Check the weather to see what you've got going on and pack accordingly. It is just a weekend trip, so I don't plan to check a bag so I am going to lay out some outfits that I can mix and match. Layering is always a good idea, so maybe pack a sweater or two in the event it gets chilly. I have these Athleta pants I adore and plan to dress them up and down. They are so incredibly comfy (and stretchy). 
    • Check out Travel Fashion Girl for some great tips too. 
  • Meds and Quick Fixes
    • Make sure to bring a small supply of Motrin/Tums/Excedrin to help in case of a pesky headache or some form of ingestion because there will be so.much.food. 
    • Band Aids or Moleskin for your feeties. Don't let blisters slow you down. 
  • Business cards
    • This is a big networking opportunity and you'll want to have your brand and name handy. Vista Print or Moo are good resources to get some printed. 
  • An extra bag
    • SWAG!

Onto the actual preparation for the conference and visit
  • Check out the schedule and make an agenda
    • There is a lot of content available at these conferences. Take a look at what is being offered and rank the things you want to do/see/learn/taste the most. It will help you prioritize and not feel flustered once the time comes to actually go. 
    • Some things that are on my radar:
      • So, How Did it Taste? This is a writing session to help figure out some new techniques on writing and describing food with author Dianne Jacob
      • Professional Recipe Development with Shauna James Ahern, the Gluten-Free-Girl. I always struggle with making a recipe my own so I am hoping this is really helpful. 
      • Know Your Beef, Know Your Butchery: Cut Education Session with the Beef Checkoff @Beef and the Discover The World Of Wine with Bordeaux Wines session. Because, duh. 
  • Check out the brands
    • There are a TON of brands and sponsors at these events. Pick a few you don't know anything about and learn something about them, where they come from, and what they are all about. When you visit their booths, it is a great conversation starter. 
    • The Key Note speakers on Saturday are the Authors of The Flavor Bible, so I checked it out at the library to browse through it before I hear them speak. 
Have you been to Seattle before and have any must see suggestions? What are you conference travel tips? Have you been to IFBC before? What was your favorite part?

See you soon Seattle!



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