August Adventures.

So August just happened. That was that. 

I started out the month with some HOGA with my lovely. Seeing the city this way is so much fun. 

Sunday cocktails and a check off the ol' food bucket list

There were runs. Dirty, dusty, long runs. 

The usual Saturday ritual. Post run. I don't need no ice bucket challenge. I do this for fun (and cancer)

Sunday food preps. I promise you, it makes life easier. 

Recovery run views. I'm spoiled. 

Our office pot luck this month was "lunch box classics." A co-worker actually make little homemade (healthy) lunchables! Adorbs. 

I should win best wife of the year award. We snuck off to Vegas for a quick birthday weekend for the husband and got upgraded to a penthouse suite! Fancy, right!

Vegas was a short trip, no time was wasted. Shower beers were necessary. 

Vegas selfies. 

Oh, and earthquakes. They happened. A big one and then a ton of little ones since. Solution to being freaked the f out...wine with friends. 

We actually "accidentally" stumbled upon this (pre) harvest celebration. Our plan was to go to a fruit stand down the road, but we saw the signs and well...it happened. 

So then we had to drink some of the stuff we bought. But mostly we wanted to celebrate each other. 

Sundays are good. Earthquakes are bad. 

More running views.

I rounded out September with these lovely ladies running 13 miles in the city. NYC is only 8 weeks away guyyyys.  

And  football happened. We got cable back just to watch our beloved. 

Cheers to August and onto September we go!


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