June Adventures.

Since I got back from Florida, June has been non.stop.go.time. What happened? I was waiting for summer then BAM! July hits you right in the face. I'm just going to stop for a second a savor the month as I go through these pictures because before you know it, Target is going to put up Santa decorations and I just can't handle that yet.

So, here's my June life. Enjoy!

June kicked off my start of training for the New York City Marathon, so when I got back from vaca...it was green smoothie detox time. This blend was kale, almond milk, banana, blueberry and vanilla protein powder. 

My weekend after my Florida vacation, my dear friend Jaye came to visit. I tend to try and get her out here at least once a year, this time a concert helped convince her. We made the best of a very short trip. 

Our first day started off amazingly after a stop at Oakville Grocery in, you guessed it, Oakville. I wanted to eat EVERYTHING in there. 

We settled on splitting a sand and some sides and headed to Clif for a little picnic lunch a some vino on their lovely patio. 

We visited Heretic and Jaye got a personal tour from the brewer. We're so fancy. 

The streets of Berkeley. Lovely. 

We planned to do some hiking yoga in Berk on Saturday, but the instructor didn't show up. Our solution: Bloody's and bacon at Gather

Pre-concert drinks at Faction. Love, love, love this joint. 

We celebrated my amazing friend Jen's birthday with Rummikub, wine, coconut popcorn and an 80s music dance party. It was the best night. Ever. 

I have to get back into the "no drinking before Saturday runs" mode. After our dance/wine/board game bday party, I had to run in the morning. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I survived. 

I got a generous donation of apricots. It turned out to be 9 pounds! Jammin' time. 

My running fuel/desk lunch. Sweet potato with goat cheese, kale with grilled radish and spicy chicken sausage. 

I was determined to spend the first day of summer on the patio. It was beautiful, but freaking cold. Wtf Bay Area. 

More desk lunching. I was so happy I could add nectarine to my salad! 

My first fundraiser of the season was a Paint Nite! I had 26 people show up and we had a blast. Thank you again to all who came out! Drinking and painting go well together. 

We rock. 

You'll see this photo a lot until November. It is our favorite summer meal because you don't have to turn the stove on. Cheese, wine, apricot rosemary jam, with a side of grapes and my book. 

Mint and lemon. 

And my old lady love. 

JULLLLLY, here we come!!



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