July Adventures

July Life. What can I say...you were full of running and eating. Per usual. This will be life until November. I am totally OK with that.

Pre-running fuel. Rice cake, almond butter, and a banana sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. 

I noticed this before I got out of my car for a run one Saturday. Marathon brain.

Figs are it right now. I added them to plain yogurt with a bit of maple syrup and hemp seed. Is it weird I get a little sad when my bowl goes empty?

Summer sunsets over Napa. 

Little habaneros! I thought this thing died last year. Glad I kept it around.

Stitch Fix #4 came this month! I'm slightly obsessed.

Just me and Karl on a nice Saturday morning run. 

Heretic hosted an awesome fundraiser for me! What a great day! 

The grill has been in high demand this summer. Grilled green bean magic.

This was the temp in our house one day last week. I saw that, packed up my stuff and went shopping. Retail therapy is so much better than staying home.

Summer dinners.

I ran 12 hilly miles last weekend and had my first ice bath of my training season. Hate them. Love them.

We celebrated our Caliversary at Haven! Can't believe it has been three years.

Chachacha chia seed jam. Recipe in the making!

Christmas in July and my retirement investment for when Abbie becomes famous.

I was a human reflector on my 6am run this week. I also wore a bring neon tie dye headband, but I wasn't about to take a photo of my 6am face. Safety first people (both from my face and from traffic). 

Smell ya later July!



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