May Adventures

Oh, hey there. Yeah, its been a bit since I've posted. I know. 

Its not that I haven't been cooking, baking, running, and such, because I have. I started my marathon training and its been an adjustment to add that back into life while continue to blog. I also just took a little vacation back to Florida, so I am just getting back to my routine. To get back on track, I'll start by sharing my May life. Better late than never?

I started out the month being all creative by throwing some clay. I made a cup. 

My house has been smelling super good this for the past few weeks. Jasmine for days! 

A little light reading during breakfast with protein packed steel cuts oats with banana and toasted coconut. Recipe soon!

I joined Team in Training again this season to train for the NYC Marathon. We kicked off our season and I couldn't be more excited! 

Packing 11 days worth of traveling into a carry on. Don't worry, I did it. 

Airport food sucks. I always travel with meals and snacks. This time I made a salad with leftover chicken, quinoa, oranges, and arugula. I also brought hard boiled eggs, rice cakes with peanut butter and an apple. A little time planning makes a huge difference. 

Running in Florida means bright running skirts!

Florida running at its best. Docks and sunrises. 

Cigar City Jai Alai. Amazing. 

Found this guy on a stroll. Normal things in FL. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my bestest and I started a random mid-day pub crawl. It was too fun. 

My parents joined on the pub crawl for just one stop. 

I tried paddle boarding with my sister and mom. 

I didn't fall!  

After a week with my family, I went to the West Coast of Florida for our 4th annual girls weekend. 

This year we chose Sanibel Island

Not a shabby room here. We stayed at the Island Inn. It was quiet (maybe a little too much for us), clean, and all around lovely. 

Of course they did. 

This is how almost 30 year olds now do vacations. BYO everything. 

Then you do drunken yoga. First time I got my head stand too. Maybe I should drink and yoga more often. 

Year 4 girls weekend shenanigans completed. The perfect way to wrap up the month of May. 



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