February Adventures!

I packed a ton of great stuff into this short little month. My favorite? Well, it's a toss up between Wineaversary and my beloved, missed hobby of snowboarding in Tahoe. All good. All very, very good. 

Here's my February life!

I started out of the month by hosting a little birthday dinner for my gal pal Lisa. We had tacos and these yummy margs

We finally got some rain. Thank goodness because this could have been awkward. 

Homeroom. Comfort food on those rainy days. 

I've always wanted to try CREAM, but the lines are crazy. So what do we do? Go when it's cold and rainy. No lines. No bigs. 

Oh hey, look. Another rainy day. It lasted a whole weekend. But this time, I had beer

The sun is staying up a bit longer in the evenings now...SPRING is almost here. 

I hosted my 2nd annual Galentine's Day. Waffles, whipped cream, and sparkling wine. And my gals. 

My BRF, BBF, BFF, BDF (best running, beer, food, drinking friend). She's the best. 

The last day of SF Beer Week we went to a beer and cheese tasting event at Drake's in San Leandro. Cheese and beer: Whole. New. Level. 

WINEAVERSARY! We did Sonoma this year. We did it well. 

And there was the morning after. Coconut water was very necessary. 

My favorite sent me a love gift. It so made my day. 

Bmore Love. One of the items in the gifty gift. 

I took my 2nd test for my LCSW. I knew when I saw the sun rise, it was going to be a good day. I PASSED!

After my test, we headed up to Tahoe. I got to say hello to an old friend. 

Beer safety. 

Our condo had a little kitchen. Chili tasted so good after a day of falling snowboarding. 

Day two. I miss this. 

But if this is how California does it. I am totally cool with them. 

It was a good month, once again.



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