Wineaversary: Year 3

President's Day has become a big deal around here. It means wine and lots of it. We just passed our 3rd year celebrating this fantastic Monday in February, which has now been deemed "Wineaversary." Year one, we did Napa. Year two, Livermore. This year, we took on Sonoma. 

Our typical day usually includes a limo, but this year, all the tasting rooms were in walking distance, so we just stumbled around the corners of Sonoma Square to each venue. We always have a plan when we start out, which  includes 3-4 wineries, but a few extras usually sneak in the mix. Dinner is filled with burgers. Big, juicy burgers with cheese and topped with an fried egg. It's the best way to end the day. 

Sebastani. Our first stop of the day. We all met here at 11:30am to embark on our first tasting. Sebsatani is very grand and beautiful when you first walk in. We had our own little section for tastings that had a nice fireplace and tables. The wines were pretty good. We had about 5 tastings for $10. 

Next up. Food. Specifically, cheese. 

We stopped at Vella Cheese to pick up some supplies for our picnic lunch. We were really excited about this little shop because they had such good reviews for their selection and customer service. The selection was great, they gave us several samples, and they had these awesome cutting board and knife kits you could buy for $2, but I think they were a bit put off by our group. I probably wouldn't choose to go here again based on how they treated us.

Even though there were kinda jerks to us at Vella, we still bought a bunch of cheese, meats, and crackers and headed to the middle to town for our picnic. There was a park area where there were several tables we could sit down at and chow down. Of course, we needed a vino to go with the cheese, so we just popped into the Sonoma Wine Shop and La Bodega

The wine shop was perfect! We just told the gentleman what we needed for our picnic, he poured us a few samples to taste, picked our bottle (Seabiscuit Ranch Chard), and we were on our way. 

After our splendid snack lunch, we headed on over to our next scheduled stop, Charles Creek. We each could choose from 6 pours of their 13 or so wines for $10. If you buy a bottle, that fee is waived; always a good bonus. 

Plus, they had a cork cow. What's not to love about that. 

Adobe Road Winery was a little impromptu stop. We had some time to kill before our next reservation and this was literally right next door to Charles Creek. Adobe Road ended up being one of my favorite stops. The wine was so tasty and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed. I split a tasting with my gal pal and it was $10 for 5 pours. We even got an extra "Wineaversary" pour to help celebrate our day. 

Envolve was up next. I don't watch the "Bachelor", but I guess one of the owners was on the show. 
Anyway, the tasting room was really fun. We had a room in the back with comfy couches where we could sit around and chat with our wine. There were several flights to choose from and you could get all reds, all white, or a mix. It was reasonably priced and they were super friendly. 

Two Amigos was our last scheduled stop for the day. We picked this place last because we read it was "a must stop" and really fun. In my opinion, it was an OK stop. The wine wasn't that impressive and the people weren't all that fun. But at the point, I was tipsy and could have had fun in a parking lot so who cares. 


So, I mentioned Two Amigos was our last scheduled spot. Well, again, we had some time to kill before our dinner reservation, so we stepped into Sigh. Sigh ended up being such a cute little place. They serve all champagne flights and we ended up splitting one between a few of us. I'd love to come back here and try some more bubbly sometime soon.  

Girl and the Fig was our spot for dinner. And it was really, really good. 

I was little blurry at this point in the night. But I know good food when good food is good. 

We had the radishes to start out and then I got a big fat juicy burger topped with brie and an egg. Dang. 

I really wanted to order one of everything, but restrained myself, with the help of my friends. So this is on my "must return to" list as well. 

I love Wineaversary. We always have the best time no matter what. Oh, and it's tradition that we pick a theme song for the day. It is always a song we can have a crazy, silly dance party with and this year, it was "Happy" by Pharrell

Cheers and Happy Wineaversary to you!


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