January Adventures

Well January is over. How'd that happen? Life was full of travel and lack of sleep this month. But, totally worth it. Here's a little bit about how it all went down.

I went to a wine paint night thing. Super fun and it was like paint by numbers for adults. 

Waffle fail. I've been trying to make an edible gluten free waffle. This was not one of them. 

Popcorn for dinner is totally acceptable. 

Snack making. 

Stacked. First travel trip to Florida for the month!!

Red eyes aren't too terrible...I guess. 

Beautiful St. Augustine. 

Blue skies and palms. 

Morning coffee with my boo. 

Pretty friend and snuggle buddy for the weekend. 

Wedding timeeeeee. The table name says it all. 

The happiest. 

Danced our faces off. Steedley's know about dancing - hence the flats. 

Good news. I ate a pub sub. And it was real good. 

This parking spot was meant for me right!?

Willing spring to come. 

Cooked the cover! So yummy!

Brewing buddies. 

Wait, this is the Winter Brews Fest? It's like 75 degrees....not complaining. 

Trip to Florida numero 2 - exit row baby.

The local goods


Pub sub number 2. Twice in a month. Luckiest girl ever. 


The husband's breakfast. Whoa. 

My beautiful new sister in law. 



I added a bit of February life in here too, since the last bit was all one weekend. Don't mind me... 



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