You Should Go: Urban Adamah

Last January, my BRF Laura found a Zozi deal for this amazing (and kinda super hippy) yoga deal. It was a Yoga Farm to Table Experience where you do a 75 minute yoga session, take a farm tour, and are fed a local, fresh lunch afterwards. 
I looked it over and figured, hey I like yoga, I like food, and I like Laura, so let's do this thing. So, deal bought.
Laura and I are both pretty busy ladies and we went back and forth for, oh about 11 months, trying to schedule this thing. Seriously, we bought this deal in last January and just did it this past weekend! 

Anyway, last Monday I get an email from Wild Soul, who hosts these experiences and many others (pst...you should check them out too), telling me there is an event on Sunday in Berkeley. Laura was free, I was free, plus this thing expired on December 31st, so we had to be free and get on it.
And so we yoga'd and ate and I am so super duper happy we didn't let this deal expire on us. It was such a great way to spend a Sunday.
First, let me tell you a little about the farm we had this shindig at, Urban Adamah! “Adamah” means “Earth” in Hebrew, and Urban Adamah is an educational farm and community center in Berkeley. They integrate Jewish traditions,sustainable agriculture, mindfulness and social action. They provide educational programs and community celebrations for more than 5,000 visitors a year. The organic farm donates their produce to the local community through food banks and a weekly Free Farm Stand. One of the coolest things they offer is a residential fellowship program for young adults that combines farming, progressive Jewish living and social justice internships. Urban Adamah also offers farm-based programs for school-age children. Kind of an awesome place for a little 1 archer farm in the middle of a city.

Here are some photos from our yoga, farm tour, and of course, the FOOD!
You should go there.


We arrived at the farm around 10:30am on Sunday. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. We mosied around the farm then headed into the tent to set up our mats. It was a chilly day, so we bundled up, but thankfully the tent had a little heater that helped. 

This is roof of the tent. How pretty is that!?

Yoga was great. It was a perfect, easy flow for a Sunday. Nothing too strenuous, but just enough to get my heart rate up. After our session, a warm snack of roasted garbanzo beans was waiting for us. They were tossed with a bit of masala and tasted amazing right after our work out. Kinda wish I was given a nice snack after all my workouts now. A girl can get spoiled with stuff like this!

After our snack and a quick potty break, then we headed on our farm tour. The farm is only about an acre, but they pack a lot on the property. We were told about the history of the farm, their projects, and values. It was really neat to see this space in the middle of a city.  

We walked all around to see what was growing, which was lots of greens! Love my kale... 

They had apple, fig, olive, and lemon trees all in half barrels lining the walk ways and around the farm. 

One cool thing they told us was that their farm is totally movable. Urban Adamah is actually renting this space, so everything they've planted is in something that can be easily transported. 

They held a fundraiser not too long ago that raised about 4 million dollars so they could buy land for a permanent spot. They found a 2 acre lot in Berkeley and plan to move next year.

Aquaponics - I never knew! There's fishies under these plants!

Like I said, lots of greens. 

And chickens. Because what's a farm with out them. 

These ladies...I want one. 

Then there was lunch! Our chefs, Anna and Mario, were from Cooking the Market, which is a market chef program focusing on creating quick, nutritious meals using fresh, seasonal, locally-grown ingredients. They are part of the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association (PCFMA), a not-for-profit organization that operates Certified Farmers’ Markets in the San Francisco Bay Area. They do good things.

They set up this beautiful table for us right in the middle of everything. 

And they cooked everything right there too. 

These are sage leaves with caper paste in between. 

Then lightly battered and fried.  

I love that they used these awesome Buddha Hands as part of the table get up.  

Oh, and we could bring wine and beer. I, like a dummy, left the wine sitting on the kitchen counter. Laura saved the day by bringing a couple beers. She brought them back straight from the source :)

First course were those fried sage leaves - oh my goodness. I never knew an herb could be that good. 

Next was a celery root and potato soup to help warm us up. They topped it with the first press of a fresh olive oil batch. 

Next up, a shaved citrus salad with those fun Buddha Hands. 

This, was amazing. Warm Farro with mushrooms, olive oil, salt and pep. Simple and perfect. I'll be working to try and recreate this one, and I think Laura already has. 

To end the lunch we were treated to a savory gelato made with Parmesan cheese and drizzled with (I think) honey. One the side were fresh pears, walnuts, and candied quince.

How good was this day?! Yeah, it was good. 

So, you should go! Urban Adamah has a ton of community programs open to the public. Check out their upcoming programs here - learn something new. DO it! 

Wild Soul will be doing more experiences next year. Our teacher, Jason Bowman, teaches at Yoga Tree.




  1. Such a great day! Love you girl!!!! Oh and the farro dish- I got a quick cooking bag of farro from TJ's, prepared per the directions in veggie broth. I sauteed a pint of crimini mushrooms (should have used 2 pints though) with some chopped white onion, olive oil and S&P. Combined shrooms with farro, added a little more oil and S&P and topped it with chopped Italian parsley- pretty much perfect and all kinds of delicious!


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