November Adventures!

It's December.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't ready for November to end. Maybe that's because I tried to celebrate my birthday the entire month. What? You don't do that...you totally should. It was fun :)

Here's a bit of my November life.

Like I said, I tried to celebrate my birthday the entire month, so early in November, we went to Tomales Bay Oyster Company for my birthday party!

It was delicious!

And I turned out to be a pro at shuckin'

My friends know me so well...a birthday gift from my dear Nina. 

She found a new bed right next to ours. 

Ben Harper Acoustic! 

City nights.

Orange thing.


I took a photography class in the city. So many ah ha moments!

The husband and I celebrated three lovely years of marriage at Ad Hoc.

Birthday run. 

Birthday run reward. Book, burger, and beer outside in beautiful Napa. I do birthdays right.  

Clouds fascinate me. 

My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving. Of course, my dad fixing stuff. It's OK though, I needed him to :)


Me and my turk. 

Holidays are fun unless there are BOARD GAMES. We played our faces off while the turkey cooked. 

The birdy. 

The aftermath. 

And my girl playing Ticket to Ride with me. 

Done and done.

Alright, onto the last month of the year...here we go!



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