You Should Go: Tomales Bay Oyster Company

Sunshine in November! I love it. Not too sure how long it will last, but I am going to enjoy it all while I can. 

Speaking on sunshine, last weekend was the best. I celebrated my (early) birthday in true "Erica style" with lots of food, good wine, and the warm sun of California. It was spectacular. 

I really wanted to do something fun and different this year, so I decided to look into a little field trip for me and my padres. After some research, I decided to plan a day out at Tomales Bay Oyster Company.

A day of grilling and shucking fresh oysters! How fun is that?! So much. 

So, you know I love planning and I was all about getting this day together. 

I did some reading to figure out how to start this thing off. TBOC put together such a great guide on their site on how it all works and I got some tips from Yelp and other review guides. Here are my tips and some photos of the day:

  • Pick a date - I did early in November since my birthday is around the holiday and no one is ever around. Plus, I was hoping for the best possible weather chances.
  • Figure out who's coming and if you want to make a reservation - I put together a handy Facebook event and invited some friends to figure out who was interested. If you have a group, you can reserve a table, otherwise, it is first come first serve - which is a little too unpredictable for me. 
    • We ended up with 10 people, so making a reservation was a good way to go. Plus, when I called a few weeks before, they told me they sell out most weekends if the weather is nice, so it seemed like a good deal. It was $75 and you get a little shucking starter kit that included a dozen oysters, a bag of ice, a bottle of Tapatio, a few lemons and limes, a shucking knife and shucking gloves. You get your own grill with each table too. 
  • Plan your supplies! You can only get the oysters and ice a TBOC, so plan accordingly. Here's what we brought:
    • Paper plates, cups, and utensils
    • 2 coolers and lots of ice (one cooler for the oysters, the other for everything else)
    • a roll of paper towels
    • wet wipes
    • a sharp knife
    • wine key/bottle opener
    • cutting board
    • tongs for the grill
    • charcoal & matches
    • sunglasses/hat/sunblock/even an umbrella - its all pretty exposed
    • wine/beer/water
    • snacks - cheese, crackers, bread, dip
    • mignonette for the raw oysters
    • butters for the grilled oysters (I made a garlic and a roasted tomato)
    • anything else you'd like to grill - we grilled bread and a friend brought shrimp, but you could also do marinated portbella mushrooms, sausages, whatever you like. They ask that you do minimal grilled meat since it is really all about the oysters - but a little won't hurt. 
    • cash money - its cash only out there - but they have an ATM!

All packed up and ready to go! 

The goods. 

The set up: Tapatio, Picka Peppa, garlic butter, tomato butter, this mignonette I made, lemon and limes.

Shucking it. My first of many. 

Grilled with loads of garlic butter.

A view from above. 

This guy and the grill <3

More shucking. 

One of many "Markoff Sandwiches." There was one an hour. Delicious. 

Sun setting

And that's a wrap. 

Like I said, you should go!

Tomales Bay Oyster Company
15479 Highway One
 Marshall, CA 94940
Open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM Picnic area closes at 4:45 PM daily



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