October Adventures!

It's been a while since I chatted up my monthly adventures. This month was exceptionally amazing, so needless to say, I needed to share it with the world. I drank a ton of wine, ran 2 half marathons, past my first  LCSW exam (one more to go), and watched about 25 scary movies with C..

Happy November here we come!

Every October, we take out all our scary movies and try to watch them throughout the month. We did amazingly well this year and watch one nearly every day!

You all know how much I love my Philz. Can't stop!

This is my pre-race day traditional beer. Triple Rock - you're amazing.

I ran the San Jose Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon on a bit of a whim. It was fun though! My BRF, Laura and I used it as a training from for our upcoming NWM!

I did a lot of running in October, but I also did a lot of drinking wine and eating cheese.

I became a bit obsessed with the sunrises at my house this month. I love my view!

C went to Denver for a week for GABF, so I spent some time with the girls and more scary movies. And more wine.

I treated myself to these pretty bowls after I passed my first LCSW test! It was a lovely reward.

I also treated myself to this fun bottle of wine! BOOM BOOM POW! I kicked that tests ass!

Pumpkin granola! Stuff my face some more please.

The month's second race - Nike Women's Half Marathon! Found my name on the giant wall.

Oh yeah, all my runner friends. 30,000 of them in the streets of SF!

Done! I think that was my 13th or 14th Half Marathon! 

Post run champagne with BRF, Laura!

Burgers are the BEST after running long distances. Makes me feel normal again.

My favorite sign ever. I love Halloween.

I got sick after Nike. Boo. But this chicken noodle soup in my fun new bowl made me feel somewhat better. And my Walking Dead marathon. Finished season 3.


Halloween games! Cards Against Humanity is probably the best thing ever.

Halloween fun.

I took a week off of studying, but had to hit the books again. One more test to go.

One of my favorite lunches this month.

 Tuna salad wrap in rainbow chard. Yum!

I had a healthy lunch then made this. Addicting!

Last October Sunrise. 




  1. Congrats on your exam!! Even though it's a pain, I'm sure you're glad to finally be able to get started - because then you'll be done with it. Sounds like it's been a pretty great month for you (and you look gorgeous in your Halloween costume!)

  2. BEST OCTOBER ADVENTURES EVER! Mainly because they included me and burgers. Good stuff, BRF. ;)


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