Maui Adventures: Part II

Onto the next round of our Maui vacation.

First of all, check out my packing skills. I only brought a carry on, my tote, and my purse that's stuffed inside my tote. Impressive right! C had a carry on too...some of my things might have been stuffed in there too, but the point is, we didn't need to check any bags. Part of my secret - I have something similar to these guys. Plus, I figured I'd be in my bathing suit most of the time, those don't take up much room. 

As soon as we landed, picked up our rental car and figured out where we were going - we were starving! On vacation, we usually like to have all local, fresh food, so we were on the hunt for something fish oriented for our first meal. We found Ono Tacos on our way to the condo. Ono Tacos is a little road side street vendor you can totally miss if your eyes aren't sharp. They had a variety of tacos, burritos, and tortas, but the fish tacos were the best we've ever had. The price point was low too, which is always an added bonus while on vacation. Not going to lie...we ate there three times during the week.

After we dropped our bags off, we wanted to find the nearest beach as soon as we could. We found Airport Beach. The beach is actually called Ali'i Kahekili Nui Ahumanu, but to most locals its called Airport Beach because its off of the old road where the airport used to be. 

This also happened to be the first spot we snorkeled and where I spotted my first sea turtle of the week!

What's tastes amazing after an afternoon on the beach? A beer - and we happened to be staying a mile away from Maui Brewing Company. Maui Brewing Co brews all their beer on Maui and it tastes a lot better than it does when it's here in a can. We ended up coming here most nights for happy hour since it was so close. I planned our condo location well.

We ended our first evening we an amazing fish sandwich on our deck from The Fish Market. We happened to eat here two times during the week. Gray Snapper sandwich the first time and Ahi Steak Sandwich the second.

Our second day we ventured over to Mekena to visit Big and Little Beach. These beaches are on the south side of Maui. One is big one is little. Imagine that. Big Beach is over a mile long with white, powdery sand which makes it one of the most popular beaches on the island. 

On the other side of Big Beach is Little Beach. Little Beach happens to be the only nude beach on Maui, though being naked on the beaches isn't exactly legal, I guess its OK here. We spent most of the day on Little Beach (hello, its Hawaii, why not!). We wanted to stay for the weekly Drum Circle at sunset, but didn't want to stay too long and get a sun burn, so we packed it up and headed back to our side of the island for a late lunch.

There is something about being in the sun all day that makes me so hungry. After Big/Little Beach, we needed food bad. This was the only time I had beef during the week and it happened to be this big, fat, juicy Hawaiian Style Burger from Teddy's. Garlic fries on the side, yes please.

And sunset at our condo. Can't get enough. 

One amazing thing about where we stayed...the sea turtles!! They would come up to the shoreline every evening around 3:00-4:00PM. There were always at least 6-10 of these guys. It never got old watching them play. 

And sunrise. Not as good as sunset, but still lovely. We enjoyed all our meals outside with our view. 

We decided to hit the grocery store early in the week and take advantage of our kitchen. Foodland was right up the road I would compare it to a smaller Whole Foods Market. It had lots of local, fresh produce, a specialty cheese counter, and a good selection of meat and seafood.  We made most of our breakfasts at the condo, which saved a bit of money. All local food here - Hawaiian grown eggs, strawberry papaya, and some apple banana

After breakfast, we planned to rent some snorkel gear and head to the beach. We decided to rent gear for the week so we could jump in the water where ever we were exploring and have the option to snorkel. There are places everywhere to rent gear so we just picked one with good reviews. We picked the "Cadillac" of snorkels to rent, just because we knew we would be using it all week and didn't want it to suck. It only set us back about $50 for the entire week. It was a good choice.  

We headed back to Airport Beach for our first stop. We were blown away!! The first day we went here, we were actually complaining how rocky it was right off the shore, but once we put our masks on, it was all freaking coral. Oops! I spotted my first sea turtle hiding under a rock here. 

Of course, we were ravenous after swimming for a few hours. We discovered the Shark Pit; a food truck that was within walking distance across the street from the beach park.  

The best (and first time I had it, but still) Hawaiian fried rice and Mahi fish tacos on the side.

We both added a side of grilled corn that was sprinkled with furikake seasoning and sriracha.

Our next snorkel spot was Honolua Bay, which was about 10 minutes north from our condo.

During the winter months, this is apparently an area with huge waves and a lot of locals go to the beach next door, called Slaughter Beach, to surf. Yikes, what a name.

When the waters are calm, Honolua Bay is a popular destination for people looking for an abundance of marine life and colorful coral. We went here a few times during our week and it was easily one of our favorites. The only thing was there was no beach along the bay, only a small rocky shoreline that was tricky to manage - but we handled it.

More food, of course.

SHAVE ICE! It's a Hawaiian staple for dessert. We headed to Ulu Lanis in Lahaina for this treat after a long day or snorkeling. The syrups here were made from real fruit - my mango had actual pieces of fruit in there.

So good.

Let's talk about Poke real quick. We made several meals out during the week out of fresh Poke.

Poke is a raw salad served in Hawaiian cuisine. It is typically marinated in sea salt, sesame oil, and soy sauce, but there are tons of varieties out there. We had all Ahi Tune Poke while in Maui. At Foodland, it was $12.99 a pound, so we bought a bag of rice and made bowls a few times for dinner at the condo. 

Let's be honest, I ate so much fish, I think I might have been on the verge of mercury poisoning.

Oh lookie, another sunset!

I couldn't stop myself.

That's about half way through the trip. Next on my round up I'll share all our hiking fun, visiting with Alyson and Mike and the Road to Hana - and more food. 



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  1. AAHH! Your trip looks amazing! SOOO jealous!


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