Rifugio on the Road: Clif Wine Tasting!

Living in Northern California, its basically a requirement to drink wine. Basically. It's really hard not to at least. There are vineyards all over the place and it can be super overwhelming when you go tasting. You seriously go down the road and there are just rows, and rows of places to go. When you first visit, its hard to choose where to start. 

I lucked out and stumbled across Clif one day. Yeah, Clif like the Clif Bars and Shot Bloks. They make wine too, and it's really good!   

I first visited them back when my parents were here from Florida. I loved their wine and their tasting room so much I decided to sign up for their Wine Club. It's one of the only tasting rooms I feel I can go to they aren't pretentious, pushy, or rush you out the door. You can sit on the porch, bring a picnic, and enjoy the beautiful area. The club I decided to join is really simple. You get 2 bottles of wine, 3-4 times a year. It's a pretty great club and makes sense to sign up since I live in the area. Wine, wine discounts, wine parties; what's not to love.

So, back in July, I got this email from Clif about Rifugio on the Road. Rifugio on the Road is a new experience Clif started where they host tasting event in comfort of your own home. They bring everything to you - wine, glasses, food, a table. What!? I don't have to drive any where and its free for me and my friends?? Sign me up!!

They brought along 3 local cheeses, some specialty food items such as their dukkah spices, chocolate covered almonds, and amazing meyer marmalade along with 5 delicious wines.

I asked about 10 of my friends to come on over and enjoy everything with me. We had so much fun and let's just say Friday was a rough day at the office.

Here are some photos of the set up. The sun was setting and we had the tasting on the back deck. It all looked so pretty I felt I needed to share these with the world.

So, on your next trip to Wine Country, add Clif to your list and call me. I'll meet ya there :)

Thank you Clif, Candice and Effrain! You guys are amazing.



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  1. Sigh!! Wish I was there. Clif has wine? Who knew. Lovely pictures.


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