July Adventures!

It is a few days into August and I am late on sharing by July adventures, but all for good reason.

I just came back from visiting Abbie in Baltimore! I had so, so, so much. I may be 5lbs heavier and stuffed 9 books in my bag home, but that's a whole other blog post...for later this week :)

For now, here is my July!

We started out the month with a 4th of July fireworks show from our new back yard. 

Tastings in Healdsburg for Jen's birthday. 

Our gang. 

I've really enjoyed sneaking up on Bailey while she is lounging in the yard. She always looks so content. 

This is called tele-decorating. Or me, taking a selfie to send to my best in Florida for tips. 

Breakfast with a fresh rose. 

Evening walks. 

C and I celebrated our 2 year Caliversary! This dinner wasn't planned for that, but we had a fancy date night at home that weekend. 

Seriously, fancy pants. It was lovely. 

Muddled fresh peaches turns into...

Tailgating for the Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z concert at Candlestick

P.S. I had boots, 4 layers of clothes and a blanket. SF Summer is no joke. Brr! This is before we had to bust the blankets out. 

Switching gears to the Postal Service at the Greek the next evening. 

And, I'm still on my flower kick. Loved these. 

Can't wait to tell you about my Baltimore Adventures....there are BRONIES involved. Stay tuned!



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