Cold-Brew Coffee.

It makes me super sad that I notice it is getting dark earlier in the evenings.

That means summer is winding down.

But, of course, California is backwards and the hot summer weather is ramping up here. The same thing has happened the past few years, so this seems to be the norm around here. I am yanking out my scarves and puffer vest in July and getting the fans out of the closet and searching for my sundress in August. I can't keep up with it!

So, this post is about cold-brewed coffee, where does that come in? Well, we don't have AC in our house. Which means it is hot inside and outside all the time right now. This tends to mess with my morning routine a bit. See, I need good caffeine and good coffee in the morning to function. 

I actually have a little ritual every morning of making my coffee in my french press, sitting down with my warm oatmeal and getting ready for my day.

Real talk, now. Hot coffee on a hot morning is not pleasant. Neither is the warm oatmeal, but I can easily switch to my favorite granola and yogurt and be just as happy. The hot coffee is a harder substitute at home. 

So, I went on a quest to figure out the best way to get my coffee on without breaking a sweat, literally, before 8am each morning. I tried just throwing ice in my coffee and freezing coffee ice cubes, but nothing satisfied me. Then I started reading a lot of cold brewed coffee and thought I'd give that a try. But its like $10-12 in the store. A little pricey for a few cups of coffee. So I tried it a home and it's pretty much a winner in my books. I don't know why you would spend that much on cold coffee when you can make a batch so easily at home.

Oh, and a fun thing, I got to use my Zeke's coffee that I brought back from B-more. Loved this blend!

As far as the equipment, all you need is a container, I used my french press as it is easiest to strain the coffee, some course ground coffee and something to strain it with if you don't have a french press. Done. I did a 1:3 ratio, but you can add more/less depending on how strong you like your coffee. This ratio makes a fairly strong batch. 

It's my new thing. It's my California summer thing.

Cold Brew 

Makes 3 cups
1 cup course ground coffee
3 cups filtered water
pinch of salt

Add the coffee and a pinch of salt to a container or french press. Add cold, filtered water and stir to combine. Set aside for 12-24 hours. Either press the coffee or pour through a fine mess sieve or strain through a coffee filter. Pour over ice, sweeten to you liking and add cream if desired. Store in an air tight container the fridge for about a week.




July Adventures!

It is a few days into August and I am late on sharing by July adventures, but all for good reason.

I just came back from visiting Abbie in Baltimore! I had so, so, so much. I may be 5lbs heavier and stuffed 9 books in my bag home, but that's a whole other blog post...for later this week :)

For now, here is my July!

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