June Adventures

Holy mugs.

I blinked, and June was gone.

The first half of the month, I was consumed by the planning and attending my 10 year high school reunion and the end of the month was nothing but boxes, tape, and dirty feet because we got word we had to move out of our house.

Though June was full of adventure, it was a bit blurry because it went by so flippin' fast.

Here’s my month…

June 1st sunset from the back patio.

I don't mess around when I travel. Got to be prepared!

Headed to Florida! I already scuffed my shoe by 7:00am on the BART ride. 

Saw a Cirque Du Soleil show in Orlando.

A Stuart sunset. Love it. 

I tried to get some beach time in - enjoyed 20 minutes before it rained on us. 

I went through lots of old photos with my parents. 

Check out this handsome devil. 

Getting ready for my 10 year high school reunion. 

It was a very good time. 

I have no idea how, but we fit about 8 people in a cab post reunion. 

Thankfully, I got one sunny day while I was in Florida. 

I got back in time to celebrate Jen's birthday. 

Then I got a call from my property management company saying the owners want to move in, meaning we had to get out!

It was non-stop searching for another place to rent and we finally decided on this cute little place. 

But the packing situation was a bit ridiculous. 

Moving day - waiting for the movers to arrive (the only way to go from now on). 

I was super sad to leave our little place, but this view isn't the worst!

Bailey seems to enjoy the new place too. 

Now the unpacking and decorating starts! I've already made a trip to Ikea and been in the house 3 days. 

Last nights meal. All on the grill. Its 100 degrees outside, who needs an oven on in the house. Pfft...

I skipped the links this month - I really didn't have many on the list that were worth sharing.

Here I come July. Please be nice to me :)



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