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Last week I was in Florida for my 10 year High School Reunion! I had so much fun. Way more fun than I thought I would at least. We had an amazing turn out and it all felt like we never left. We were all just hanging out at the bar, catching up on old times. I loved it. I don't know why more people don't like them or don't want to go. You should go!

That's my best and our moms! Reunion for everyone. :)

Any way, my post today isn't about my reunion, its about food for travel.

Since moving to the west coast, my air travel times seem to take up the entire day. I have to get to the airport an hour early and the airport itself over an hour train ride after a 30 minute drive to the train station. Then once I get to where ever I am going, there's usually a good drive before I get to my final destination.

It is a very full day.

And I very get hungry.

When I get hungry, I get super cranky. Like a kid. My friends and family to attest to this fact.

Also, I hate airport food. It's over priced. Full of salt. And usually not tasty (unless you are in Terminal 2 at SFO, which is my only exception).

So, I pack my own.

I've been gathering some traveling snacks/meals and tips and wanted to share with you. I also included what I just packed for myself on my most recent plane trip.

Some tips:
  • Keep it hearty, healthy, filling and simple. Everything's got to be sturdy and transportable as well as taste good. 
  • Pack hard fruits like apples and oranges. Some people suggest bananas, but personally, I hate my bananas bruised and they usually get all knock around during travel before so I've taken them off the list. Or you pack a cut up fruit salad in a tubberware for easy transport and to help protect the fruit
  • Think of the crumble level. Let's face it, crackers or chips aren't the best option because one bump on the train or in the airport and you are in crumb city. Go for some pita bread, trail mix, dried fruit, or granola bars.
  • Can it stand room temp for a while and not get too soggy? Unless you pack a little lunch box with an ice pack, you have to consider how long it will last without being in a fridge. Hearty greens, hard boiled eggs, even hard cheeses are some good examples of things that will last. 
  • Sodium level. Too much salt will make you feel bloated and gross. Keep it low
  • Drinks! Pack a reusable water bottle. I always get so mad when they don't give me the full bottle of water. Seriously, it's like a sip! Easy solution, bring your own and fill it up when you pass security

Here's what I packed on my most recent trip:

We've got my water bottle to fill up after security. Dates stuffed with peanut butter - my favorite snack right now, almonds, blueberries, lara bars, roasted chickpeas, an apple, some chia bread, and my strawberry kale salad. Seems like a lot of food... I know. Don't worry I didn't eat it all (I ate just about half of it) But I had it all just in case!

Peanut butter stuffed dates are my new kick. Love them! They are sweet enough to curve my chocolate cravings and super filling with the peanut butter in the middle.

I bough this powdered coconut water to try - and hated it. Don't bother. If you want some flavor, cut up some lemon or other fruit and stick it in your bottle.

Salad in a jar.

I had some strawberries to use, so I made my strawberry kale salad sans avocado because I thought that would get mushy. I dressed the kale before I packed it in the jar and layered everything else. When I was ready to eat it, I just shook up the whole thing and it was good to go. I washed the jar at my parent's house and made a simple salad for the way back home.

I love these. Roasted chickpea goodness. They have a salt and pepper flavor too that is amazing. 

I packed a couple lara bars one for extra energy. I knew we were shopping in Orlando and may need an added boost. I saved the other for the plane ride back. 

As with all planning, packing food for air travel takes a little bit of time. But in the long run, my body doesn't hate me and I save money. Win, win.

Some other easy ideas: PB&J, veggies and hummus, instant oatmeal - just ask for hot water in the airport or on the plane, bagel and cream cheese, popcorn, or some of these.

Do you ever pack food for air travel? Have any tips or food suggestions?

Happy Summer and Happy Travels!



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