May Adventures!

May was so much fun. I wanted more! Then the month suddenly ended...I can't be too greedy. I guess.

Here was life for me this month.

My mom and sister came to visit for a quick Mother's Day trip to start the month out.  

We took a ride out to Point Reyes. It was pretty amazing.

My sister and I go brave and decided to climb these stairs to the light house.

They seemed great going down...up is another story.

On the way back, we made a stop at the Point Reyes Station and Cowgirl Creamery. My favorite. 

Of course there was wine and pastries one day. It was such a great visit.

I love a good book sale. Even though I have a kindle, there's nothing like the smell of a used book. 

Homemade dog treats. Bailey was in heavennnnn.

Looking up at work. 

Enjoyed several breakfasts this month on the patio. 

Booked a vacation. 

Cherries AND strawberries are amazing right now. Can't get enough.

I went to Cha Cha Cha's twice this month. 

I took my mom and sister the first time. The second was to celebrate Nina's birthday!

Before we went to dinner. I got to enjoy a nice view and my fun shadow at the Marin Headlands. 

Then Jaye booked a last minute trip at the end of the month. Our first stop...Philz

We played Pass the Pig. I was a little tipsy and took a million photos of these pigs haha.

We planned a nice 6 mile hike in Santa Rose while Jaye was here. Traffic got bad, so we decided to go drink instead. 

It was meant to be because Lagunitas happened to be the next exit. 

And we drank some more at Russian River. 

We had a great weekend, but it all went by way too fast.

It ended on a good note though. We made frozen bananas and watched Arrested Development

Our family photo before we started watching. I think this is totally frame-able. 

Memorial Day clouds.

I know it sounds weird, but we haven't had clouds like these in a while.

And I finished out the month by giving blood for the first time. I survived! (barely)

Here are some of my favorite links from around the web for May...

This had me cracking up. Husband animates joke about tortilla chips told by his drunk wife

I really want to eat here soon.

Home sriracha. Seems right up my alley.

Love this foodie garden.

The Spice Girls know about love.

Saved by the Bell. That's all.

I think I need this kale slaw in my life.

Did you know Panera has a secret menu?

I've watched this several times this month. If you don't click on any links in this post, click this one. Lip Sync Off.

Oh poor June. You have a lot to live up to...



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