April Adventures

Started April out right. Banana Flax Whole Wheat Waffles. With a hunk of butter.

I did a little organizing with washi tape! I love buying from the bulk bins.

I'm getting good at Sunday Food Prep and menu planning.

Went to a running vigil for Boston.

Lunch break shadows in a bamboo forest at work.

We took a trip down to San Leando to Drake's. Love that place.

I had a training in Oakland last week and stop by Farley's for a latte. Such a great way to start a Wednesday.

Signed up for Birch Box. Gonna get my beauty on. That nail polish is supposed to change colors in the sun! The things they can do these days, I tell ya.

My green thumb turned black. Fail on the lettuce.

I'm a little obsessed with breakfast. This one in particular.

The husband and I making our Triple Berry Sorbet! Its gone now...but it will be made again. Soon. And please excuse the laundry on the ground in the back.

My old girl watching over everything.

Now for some link love from this month...

Dr. Richard Kimble: This chicken killed my wife! - this chicken is crazy.

13 life changing Bay Area Bloggers. I just added a bunch to my feeder!

New spin on a birthday cake. Mine's in November if any one is interested....

Phone tips for long distance friendships.

I am buying flowers weekly as a treat to myself. Found this for some new tips on arrangements.

New ways to eat your pizza.

Thug Kitchen. Ah-mazing haha. Warning - graphic language, like sailor language.

Drinking around Berkeley. Can't wait to get to some of these.

Nipple balm for your lips. Hmm...

And this last thing...laughed out loud to this video.

Off to May we go!!



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