March Adventures

March came in like a lamb and out like a lion. It was such beautiful weather to start then became rainy and foggy the few days. California is just the opposite as every where else in the county. What else is new, right.

March was good. Here's life...

Morning fog

Lilac blooms on the back deck

Sunday morning hiking yoga with Laura. It was about a 2.5 mile hike up some of the biggest hills in San Francisco. It leads up to the most amazing views!

Coit Tower at the end of the hike.

And our reward for hiking up those damn hills. Beer and Gott's.

Lunch time reading break. I am trying to catch up on some classics I missed out during my earlier days. 

Jen and I getting real in the parking lot while attending some Spring pick up parties a few wineries. 
They had green wine for us to taste...just food coloring, don't worry.

Natalie at Clif
Friends and wine. Love them both.

My shadow in St. Helena. 

Oh, we had to stop at Bouchon Bakery on the way home. Its becoming an obsession.

I've been treating my self to flowers the past few months. Makes me happy.

A love gift from Jen!! So excited!

Rain during lunch means podcast time at the desk.

I made these for my lovely co-workers for our Social Work Month brunch.

I ran my 9th half marathon during the Oakland Running Festival. It has become a favorite of mine.

Another favorite. Post race beers. "The Silver Bullet" ha!

Day after the race recovery walk. Love that sky.

Some other March favorites...

Perfect soft boiled eggs

Printic - you can print your photos from your phone

How to avoid doctored food...interesting read.

10 tips on how to support a runner during a marathon...send this to your friends and spouses and family members.

Hunt the good stuff. I'm a glass half full kinda of lady.

So inspired by this Yoga for treatment of PTSD

This is on my list to make...YUM!

I'm obsessed with every thing at Bloom and made my first purchase last week. LOOOVE it.

Our favorite show started back up this weekend! We got HBO just for the new season...yeah, I know.

But I started to watch Girls! So awkward, I love it.

This is my new favorite salad from the month.

Bring it April....



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