February Adventures!

It was a short month, but we got three holidays (Galentine's Day is officially a holiday around here).

At least that kinda makes up for the lost days.

Anyway, here is my February life in photos...

We started out the month eating really healthy and all. Super Bowl food.

That's Chris, precisely rolling out the pretzel dough with measuring tape.

They came out heavenly. That, paired with Evil Cousin and my homemade mustard. I die.

Oh yeah, we made potato skins too. We also had chips and dip. I gained at least 7lbs. Real.

I got some new cutie shoes from Target.

We hike part of Mt Diablo. Enjoyed the parking ticket I found on my car when we got back too. Thanks Contra Costa Sheriff's Department. :(

Celebrated my lady friends on Galentine's Day and made tasty brinner. 

Whole wheat banana waffles with whipped cream and sparkling wine - if you watch Parks and Rec, you know why its waffles and whipped cream. Seriously, its the only way.

Since my lemon tree is doing so well, I decided to try some lettuce. We've got romaine, arugula, and bibb.

I may be getting too ambitious.

A love gift.

Sometimes, you just need a cheese plate to yourself for lunch.

Got to break out my running skirt.

A sunset run.


And the photo I took yesterday morning. I literally was driving to work, and I turned out of my neighborhood and saw the beautiful blossoms of spring. Had to capture it. 

And here are some of my other favorites from this month....

I almost died laughing at this the other day

This shirt is calling my name

Happiest city in America!

30 Helpful Websites

A Cory and Topanga reunion - what the what?! And why am I like 6 months behind in this news?

11 books ladies in their 20's should read. I've got a couple more years to finish this list...

I got all new makeup this month. It was terrifying and amazing at the same time (girly, I know)

I tried this workout with out weights and it killed my arms

I want to be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence

My favorite link: The history of Tina and Amy

Here I come March!


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