CORE Foods: Review and Giveaway!

During the tasting pavilion at the Food Blogger's Fest back in October, I stopped by the CORE Foods booth so see what they had going on. They were offering up some pretty tasting treats (like everyone else there!). After I got home from the fest and went through all the business cards and the loads of information I picked up, I read up on what CORE meals were, who CORE food was, and how they got started. Its a pretty interesting company.

First of all, what is it? CORE foods are fresh, healthy, portable meals. They have two different types, Warriors and Defender, and each meals equals about a bowl of oatmeal. Each CORE meal contain 5-7 raw, organic ingredients. Basically a great, healthy meal, for folks on the go.

Another thing I like about CORE, they are local to the Bay Area. Oakland is where their headquarters are located and what's really awesome about this company, is that they are not for profit and have 0% financial return. Which sounds crazy...but its true. Plus, their employees earn a living wage! You can read more about their company on their website.

CORE was awesome enough to send me a sample pack of the Warrior meals! I am a big fan of eating and the process of making actual meals, so I didn't think I would be too into these bars - but I ended up liking them a lot. I went for a 5 mile mid-afternoon run the other day and brought one of these bad boys along to have after because I knew I had a ton of errands to run right after. The raw walnut banana was the flavor I choose and it was pretty tasty. A less sweet and more filing than your typical snack bar. It kinda tasted like better banana bread batter. I felt full for several hours while driving around town - success! I hate when I am hungry and running around town, not fun.

And guess what?! CORE Foods has been generous enough to giveaway some of their products to a lucky reader! All you have to do is "Like" them on Facebook and leave a message about seeing this post on our blog. You'll get to pick from either a Defender or Warrior sample pack. In addition to the giveaway, each person that "Likes" them will get a coupon code for to order some of their products.

The winner for the giveaway will be randomly picked on 2/13.

Thanks again to the folks at CORE!


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