2013 Resolutions!

Happy 2013 everyone! The holidays are officially over and I need to put my resolutions out there like the rest of the world, so I am held accountable. I am a huge fan of resolutions because I love lists and goals and checking things off lists. Just makes me feel good ya know.

So here they are...

 I am excited for these!!

1. Snail Mail Sunday. Every Sunday, I am going to reach out to someone by sending them a card or letter. (If I can't do that, I will email or call. Its not cheating because its my own rules). Either way, I need to do better and will do better this year. I got this idea from Nurtrionella. Love it!

2. Garden! I have always wanted a garden and I feel like this is the year for it. I did really well with my herbs this year, so I am going to step it up a notch. I bought a beautiful lemon tree! Ok, that's not so much a notch as a jump, but let's just roll with it. I am hoping to plant more goodies too. Kale anyone?

3. My last and biggest one is to try a new recipe every week this year and share it on the blog. Good or bad. Snack, main course, or boozy cocktail...52 new recipes to look forward to. I made Roasted Carrot Soup on New Years Day and can't wait to post about it!

How do you feel about resolutions? Do you stick with them? I read this post and laughed a whole lot. I am with this chick and I hate how my yoga class and the gym is so much more crowded!! Though I do care and I am totally supportive if this is your goal :)

How do you feel about resolutions? Share some with me! Haven't thought of any yet?  Here are some tips to to start.

Cheers to health and happiness to you all in 2013!


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