Elf for Health Challenge!

Remember when I was talking about what we can do during the holidays to stay healthy?

That giant roll of cookie dough may still be calling my name...

I will not eat it, I will not eat it...maybe a little?


Anyway, I did something. I joined the Elf for Health Challenge!

And as Barney Stinson would say:
What is this challenge you ask? You can read all about it here, but the cliff notes version is that its a 6 week challenge that began around Thanksgiving and goes until New Years with several different rounds. I missed the first round, but got in for the 2nd! (They have a 3rd round coming up, so there is still time to join in.) Basically you receive an "Elf" and you email/facebook/tweet back and forth throughout the week to support each other through your holiday health goals. There are challenges assigned everyday - its fun. Its different. You should do it.

Meet my elf by the way. She loves running and eating. I like her already.

Today's challenge was to buy coffee for a stranger or something to that effect. I rarely buy coffee during the week, so I made some green smoothies this morning for breakfast and brought one in for my friend/co-worker, Jen. She was so happy and surprised!
Yummy green breakfast!

Wish me luck! I'll keep you posted on how I do on Facebook/Twitter if you follow us (which you should be already).



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