20 Things I'm Thankful For

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season! I am back from my little vacation in Florida where I got to surprise my mom for her birthday and spend some good quality time with family in the warm Florida weather.

I'm still trying to stick with the Elf for Health Challenge. It was tough keeping up with it while I was away, but now I am back and yesterday's challenge inspired me: Pick 20 Things to be Thankful For.

I have to be honest, I was a bit crabby on Christmas Day. I was alone for the day and feeling a little down since everyone I knew was celebrating with their friends and families. But I went to a Christmas Yoga class at CorePower in Berkeley and it helped put things in perceptive for me. Our focus was on abundance. It made me realize that it didn't matter that I was by myself for the day because I have such an enormous amount of love and joy in my life. That is the number one thing I am thankful for today.

Here are my 20 things I am grateful for from 2012...

1. Family
2. My wonderfully supportive amazing husband. Strong too...
3 & 4. Health and being able to run (3 Full Marathons and 3 Half Marathons this year)
5. My old girl. Bailey
6. Being able to spend time with my beautiful niece and nephew last week
7. Sonny's Sweet Tea. Sweet tea in general. 
8. Dunkin' Donuts Coffee on the East Coast and 9. Philz on the West Coast!
10. Publix Subs at Stuart Beach
11. The bottle of Prosecco I drank on Christmas, cheese, and 

13. Friendships. 
Ones from the past that have gotten stronger and all the new wonderful ones I made this year. 

14. Board Games (Ticket to Ride. Buy it.)

15. Having jobs. 

16. All the visitors that have come to see us this year...
Thank you Mom and Dad, Christina, Alyson, Jaye, Hunter and Lindsey, Karen and Brian

17. Being able to call this "Home"

18. Being able to call this "Home" too

19. All the amazing food I've eaten this year...and more to come I hope!

20. Finding the "Full House" house!

And so much more. 

Cheers to you and I hope everyone have a full and happy new year! 

Happy 2013!!



  1. You are in big trouble!! I came to visit you this year too!! Love you!!

    1. Aw crap! I knew I'd leave someone out! But there's a pic of us! :)


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