Summer Bucket List Conclusion.

Alright, alright. It's time to fess up. I didn't complete my entire "Summer Bucket List."

However, I did work damn hard, and it was a lot of fun to try and get everything done. I think I might make this a yearly thing. As for the ones I didn't complete - there's always this season, or the next...whenever!

Here's the wrap up...

Official Summer Bucket List Wrap Up
· I finished the "Salad Challenge" and ate a salad every day (expect one) in June. I now I have several awesome, new salads on my rotation.

· I finally found these stairs in the city. We did this last weekend with my new toy, I named her Luna. The stairs were beautiful and there were amazing views of the city at the top.

· We found a beach. But it was foggy and cold. Stupid California beaches. I never thought I would have to put my jacket on to go to the beach. That's a +1 for Florida. That's about the only +1, but still.

· Fruit picking. Check and done. The cherries were so cheap, I think we ended up with 9lbs or something and made jam, pie, and ate the rest.

· Never did the Flash Mob class. Chris said he would divorce me if I did it too. I'm sure he why lying, but either way it never worked out.
· Unfortunately I didn't get to fly a kite or go to the KITE FEST! I drove by it though and the traffic around it was horrendous - so that will get moved to next year.
· I drank a lot of liquor - responsibly. I made this strawberry infused vodka, had a margarita taco Stella and Dot party, infused tequila and pineapple. It was fantastic. I'm going to try bourbon next. Grown up, I know.
Stawberry Vodka, Soda, and Cucumber. Delightful.
· Hulu hooping didn't happen either. I tried though! I went to a class, but they ran out of hoops. Then I just didn't go back.
· Yosemite - nope. We did some hiking, which counts right?

· Find a cooking or baking class - I found plenty of them, but I knew how to make a lot of the stuff. I'll be searching for some new challenges.
· We planned to go to a baseball game, then found out the tickets - for standing room only - were over $50. Nevermind.
· I didn't go here to eat some vegan soul food, but my groupon is good until November.
· We rode our bikes all through Benicia. It was such a great day. The hotdogs were a mistake, but the ride was good.
· I made a pound cake and gained some pounds from it. I'd do it again too.
· And last, but not least, I made cheese at home. Ricotta and mozzarella. I've made the ricotta several times now, but only mozzarella once. I feel I can do better with the mozz - so I'll be trying that again.

That was fun!



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