Team USA!

I have been an Olympic-a-holic ever since the opening ceremonies. My friend hosted a watch party with beers from different countries, Olympic ring M&M dishes, an absolutely amazing cake she made (sorry no pics of it!) and my contribution below inspired by Mel's Kitchen Cafe. I wanted to add the brownies but didn't have time to bake. I also still haven't managed to unpack the box that contains bowl for my mixer. I know, I know,  I COULD bake with out it, but where's the fun in that?!

Although, I wasn't a big fan of this year's opening ceremonies, I do really like that each country competing is represented in this year's torch by the metal petals that were carried in during the parade of nations. Wondering what those were like I was? Well now you know!

I've also been less than impressed with NBC's coverage of the games, along with the rest of America. I've been trying to watch as much of the games live as I can. Hi, NBC, I go to bed by 10pm every night!

I love all the summer sports, but my favorite is track & field and of course the marathons. I missed watching the women's marathon, but some friends are getting together to watch the men's. Hopefully I'll be inspired for Erica and I's upcoming race!

Enjoy the last week of competition. I know I will be!


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  1. It is on so late in CA!! I am up until midnight every night! :( But it only happens every 4 years, so whatever! I watched the marathon - I'm inspired! Can't wait! xo


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