One year ago this week Chris and I moved from the beloved state of Colorado to the big and bright state of California. We embarked on this adventure with both eyes wide open and ready for new experiences! And now here we are, one year later, loving our lives and looking forward to all the adventures to come.

This year has flown fly. Like a bird. Better yet, like a high speed jet engine plane. FLEW!

I took this week to look back and reflected on all the amazing things we’ve experienced this year. All weekend long I and celebrated with my wonderful supportive husband, incredible friends, and, of course, delicious beers at Russian River Brewing Company.

I still dearly miss Colorado and, of course, my favorite people that still reside there. But we have grown to love living in the Bay Area and I couldn’t feel more grateful for the people that have entered my life that I now get to call my friends. All the experiences I’ve had with them over the past 12 months have truly been remarkable.

Here is a little photo montage of our first year. Thank you to all of you who have come to visit us, bringing little pieces of home with you each time to help us acclimate just a bit easier.

I still get giddy every time I go over the Golden Gate Bridge. I may sing the Full House theme song loudly in the car each time we do go over it. I crave Philz Coffee all the time. I ran my first marathon. I ran another marathon. Thai and El Salvadoran food.  Wine county in a limo is the only way to go. Clubs in the Castro (yeah I said clubs. no judging.) Irish Coffees. Hills. More hills. Big trees. Full House House. Learning to make bread, bagels, cheese, and mayo. Always wearing scarves and cardis. Stella and Dot parties. And beer. Lots of Beers.

Life is good friends.

Now on to year two!



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