Summer Bucket List!

I've been inspired!

My new favorite podcast, HomeFries, talked about doing Summer Bucket Lists.


I love summer. I love lists. It was meant to be.

Summer officially started Wednesday, so I am a little late to post this - but better late than never.

Official Summer Bucket List

  • Finish the "Salad Challenge"
  • Find these stairs in the city
  • Find and go to a beach (preferably one I can wear a swim suit at, not the rocky cliff areas they call a beach around here
  • Fruit picking
  • Flash Mob class - no idea about this, I was given a lead on one...we'll see
  • Fly a kite in Berkeley. Maybe at this KITE FEST!
  • Drink more liquor- responsibly of course. Tequila tasting any one?
  • Go to a Hula Hooping Class
  • Yosemite
  • Find a cooking or baking class
  • Go to a baseball game – Giants or A’s
  • Go here to eat some vegan soul food!
  • Get on my bike
  • Bake a cake – can you believe I’ve never done this?
    Late addition: Make cheese at home. yep.
Seems doable right? Any one else doing a Bucket List? Anything you think I should add to mine?

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