I Heart You Denver.

I went to Denver this weekend!

My first trip back since moving last July and it was nothing short of a-ma-zing.

I still love it. All of it. Even the ugly, boring road near the airport. Love!

Even though I've come to adore parts of California and now call it my home – Denver will always be in my heart.

It was a short visit, but we packed A TON (mostly food and beverage) (and a half marathon) into the few days.

I won't bore you with my travel flop that happened on the way there. My greed took the best of me, then my bleeding heart pushed me over the edge. Let's just say I got $700 in travel vouchers and gained some good German karma points to help my life. 

Here are some photos that can tell a better story than I can...

Airport Dinner Salad

Airport Breakfast Salad - yep - 2 meals in the airport. Fun.

Finally! The Rocky Mountains!

Bloody Marys and Beignets at Lucile's. We drove straight there.

It was hot there and this guy may or may not be naked in his car.

Then we headed up to Estes for Jaye's first Half Marathon!

Not  going to be an ugly run.

Pre-race beer at the Tiki Bar .We also split an amazing elk jalapeno sausage at this place. 
Bright and early - ready to go! Go Team!
Like I said - not ugly.
There were only about 500 runners total. 300 halfers and 200 fullers.
 Crazy small compared to RNR San Deigo 2 weeks ago
Almost ready to start!
Go Jaye Go!
The Stanley Hotel around mile 11
She did it!
And now the fun begins.
We ate and drank our way to and through Denver and this was the first stop.
We got tart cherry juice and jerky!
2nd stop.
Oskar Blues in Lyons, Colorado.
Delightful post-race beer, fried pickles and hot wings.
3rd Stop.
Falling Rock Tap House for a few more beverages.
4th stop.
4ish beer.
Euclid Hall's homemade sausage sampler, homemade pickles, and braised cabbage (salad? for my salad a day challenge)
5th stop.
Stueben's for Moscow Mules!
(Vodka, Ginger Beer, and Lime in a cold copper cup)
Beautiful Bree and Jaye by my side!
Let's add some gravy fries to those drinks please!
And the 6th stop.
D-Bar. De-lioussssss.
Churros with Rum and Coke Ice Cream and Chocolate Dipping Sauce .
Ice Cream Sandwich with Rock Sugar Waffles, 3 Cherry Compote, Amaretto, Almonds, and Vanilla Ice Cream.
Cake and Shake. And Bree's hand trying to hold the cake up for the photo :)

The bottle Jaye bought in California to open when she finished!
And with our wine...
Happy Feet.
I didn't take any photos of our last day, but it was dedicated to self care. Hot stone pedis, a little shopping,  long Russian banya massage at Izba where I got beaten with oak leaves, slathered in honey, then massaged for an hour, a fabulous lunch at Rackhouse, then I had to say my goodbyes. Sad Erica.

The great news though - I've got those airline vouchers that can get me back there soon!

I'll cheers to that!



  1. Hi Boo! I'm jealous of your trip to Oskar Blues and your travel vouchers, even if it meant two meals in the airport! I'm currently homeless, so no skype for awhile but phone date next week?

  2. So jealous! I'm glad you had such a good time in our old hometown. Our Bree looks gorgeous, as usual. And congrats to Jaye! How's about her?!

  3. I love you more than words can say!!!!

  4. And the security "word" I had to type in to publish my i love you comment (as I am living from my heart) was "29" which made me sing the "we built this Schmitty" song and miss you even more!!

    1. Hahaha! That's is awesome. Twenty NIIINNE! Love you too my friend.


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