Happy Earth Day!

I tend to get a little excited about Earth Day. Especially over the past few years as my “greenness” has grown. I haven't been doing any special for the holiday weekend. I just baked some wheat bread from scratch, made some homemade no-cook strawberry jam from some local fresh strawberries, and made my yummy spring salad again. No bigs. Actually, we don't have air conditioning in our house and it's super hot this weekend, so I feel like get a lot of points in general for that.

Any way - Hope you have a good Earth Day too! I made my first list for the holiday...

  • My cool new bag I got a the Earth Day Fair at work Friday. And yes, that is my bag of recycling...

And maybe a few local adult beverages are in my near future? That's always an easy way to celebrate around here.

What will you do for Earth Day (P.S. sorry for being so hippy). 


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