What the what?!

Yeah, it's that kind of cupcake.

These cupcakes are a big deal. Layers of goodness.
Seriously...look at these layers. Nothing but goodness see?
Light fluffy chocolate cake, stuffed with peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough and topped with sweet marshmallow meringue frosting and toasted to perfection!

Joy the Baker, you are a genius! She says in her post I can take credit for these cupcakes, but I truly cannot. I would have never come up with this combo…but I sure am glad she did. Bravo Joy!

These are the cupcakes that Jen and I made Friday night for her Stella and Dot Jewelry partay. The ones that I had to eat Kale for lunch because I figured I’d have these for dinner. Well, we ate some scraps of cake, left over cookie dough, mallow, and a cupcake that night and some dinner…whoops. Peanut butter is on my training diet and egg whites, that's OK right? Ek...


Make these. You will not regret your decision. Suggestion though – make them with a friend. They take a while and its way more fun.

Cupcake timmmme.

Check out Joy the Baker’s recipe as it is long and I did not change a thing. I originally was going to do a buttercream chocolate frosting, but figured I would try the original first. If it ain’t broken right? I'll try that frosting on something else...

Don't they look dreamy!

So do it.

Make them NOW.



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