Visitor #4

What a lucky girl I am. I've only lived here 7 months and have had so many lovely visitors.

Things I love:
Long weekends


Bonus – I got all of them this weekend.

And I love when I eat my way through cities and towns. The husband likes to hike up the enormous hills in the city, so when we go there and stuff our faces and drink amazing beer, I tend not to feel as bad afterwards.

Top of the hill from our city hike.

But first, my visitor. The lovely, beautiful Jaye. 

She is doing Team in Training in Denver right now. Did run much before she joined and she joined in the middle of flipping winter. How brave is that? Her first run - it was 9 degrees outside! Go Jaye – because that is borderline crazy town. She is doing great with her training and I am super proud of her( p.s. if you have an extra $5, help her out and donate HERE. DO IT!). This weekend she took a break from the snow and ran with with my team. We got a bit lost trying to get there, but we made it and ran our miles. All part of the adventure...

After our run she introduced me to Phliz Coffee in Berkeley and oh my…

It’s just about as good as Blue Bottle – actually, it may be a bit better. Only because they have boat loads of choices. They brew one cup at a time and I feel like it is the perfect cup just for me. There are so many fabulous places for coffee in the Bay Area, why would anyone go to Starbucks again?

Then we went next door to the Guerilla CafĂ© for a bite to eat. I had a poached egg for the first time and look how cute my toast is (its heart shaped)…yum.

Sunday, we ate some FANTASTIC ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery. We waited like 20 minutes, but it was totally worth it. We made a game plan though when we saw the line. We went up the street to a Philz before so we could drink awesome coffee while waiting in line. It helped, but I forgot about the wait as soon as I got my ice cream. I had a combo of salted caramel and roasted banana. I will go back again. And wait in line again. and again. and again...

Then we went to the Bi-Rite Market and Jaye got a pretzel with pumpkin seeds on top. After we tasted how delicious it was, I turned to Jaye and said "let’s go home and make some pretzels." And we did. Yep – we just whipped up some pretzels on a Sunday night. They were OK – not great – I will make some adjustments and share the recipe soon. They looked pretty good though.

Then we laughed a lot at this video because it's pretty true. Even though I've only lived around here for a short time - I say a least a dozen of these things, so the people that live in the city most likely say all of them.

Then Monday we went wine tasting in Napa – in a limo. Yeah, I know. We are high class ladies.

All and all I could not have ask for a better weekend with even better company.

One more thing...song for the weekend...

Thanks Jaye for coming to visit me!!!

Fun, random pic of us.

Until next time…


  1. Awwww, Erica. This warms the cockles of my heart. You are the best!!!! Oh, and you forgot to mention how you served me homemade bagels!! AWESOME!! You are my hero!

    1. I forgot the homemade bagels and the bus system!! Ak - another tale I guess :) miss you!


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