Smooth Blending

So I've decided that a good way to get more fruits (and in this case veggies) in my diet is to have a smoothie with breakfast and drink V-8 at lunch. I say have a smoothie WITH breakfast because I tried having only it and let me tell you...it didn't work out too well for me. I was soo hungry and not a happy camper when I got to work.

My first go around was a strawberry cucumber smoothie recipe from Joy The Baker. Previously I haven't ventured into the almond/soy milk realm and cucumber in a smoothie is my first step towards a "green" smoothie. I must say, it was pretty delicious. I've made it three times this week! The recipe says 2 servings and it's defintiely two servings worth (sometimes I feel like those lie), but don't worry I drink both servings and eat breakfast...thanks a lot running...GOSH!

The recipe also calls for honey, but as you can see from my first photo, I used agave. The first day I used the last of my honey. I'm still not very confident in my ability to alter recipes so I used my "phone a friend" to make sure that agave wouldn't completely destroy the flavor. I got the go ahead nod and so I used 2 tsp of agave in place of the honey and I actually liked it better.

I'm not going to lie, having never had almond milk before, the first couple of sips were a little weird. The cucumber gives the smoothie a nice, refreshing taste...very similar to when it's added to a glass of water. I'm looking forward to making this one for a fourth day in a row. Happy blending!


PS - No, my smoothie isn't really neon pink...I just like the way the effects look :)

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