Mix & Match

Last week my BoMF team had a dessert potluck as a Valentine's Day social for the non-res members. I decided I wanted to make Red Velvet Thumbprint Cookies from How Sweet It Is.

Now, if you know me, then you know I don't like cream cheese (or whipped cream or sour cream). I just can't stand the taste! I also LOVE red velvet cake and usually when I have it, I just scrape off the icing. This is where my brilliant plan for mix & match comes in. I've made these "cupcakes" (also from How Sweet It Is) a couple of times now. The first time I made them, I was too tired to make the icing and I enjoyed them so much, that the second time I made them I just didn't want the icing. But I thought that icing might go nicely with the red velvet cookies I was getting ready to make. So I got to baking...

ingredients for the cookies
 When at the grocery store looking for red food coloring, I was getting so upset because all I could find was a pack of gel neon colors. Finally I looked away from the sprinkle/icing area and found the liquid red food coloring with the spices. Maybe I should've done the neon food coloring since I tend to use the more neon setting on my camera app.

sifted dry ingredients
When I was a little girl, my most favorite part of helping my grandma bake was sifting. I was super excited when I bought my sifter from Ikea for $5. I can't believe I waited almost 3 weeks before I actually used it. So fun! (It's the little things people!)

mixed up red goodness
I got to lick the batter since Maverick didn't make a sneak attack!

1" cookie dough balls
The recipe says to place the cookie balls about 2" apart on the baking tray. This turned out to be completely unnecessary since the cookies don't expand at all. 

finished mix & match
The recipe says it yields 20 cookies which is a pretty true number, and they're really small. It worked out perfect for the dessert potluck. I ended up not liking the icing. It was too sweet, but don't use me as a judge. I've come to the conclusion that I just dislike most icings. So for the potluck I set it up so that the guests could dip the cookies into the icing. Someone at the party had brought a version of these Cookie Dough Cupcakes, and Erica, I must say, although I haven't tasted yours...WOW! They were delicious!

I think next time I make these cookies, I'll make them bigger and skip the icing all together. And just as proof that I don't like icing...these boutique cupcakes I got from the cupcake truck last week suffered my icing scraping too!

raspberry lemonade & chocolate w/raspberry filling from Iced Gems


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