Going Green - Literally.

It’s no surprise to many people that I try to be “green” as much as I can. My parents and friends say I am a hippy, but they don't realize that today’s hippies don’t take showers and are really, really, really smelly and most don't have jobs and they like it that way. I shower frequently and have a job and pay bills, and have responsibilities etc etc.  Maybe I’m more of a modern hippy or something. Whatevs.

But I do to recycle. A lot. I buy local and in season as much as possible (with the expectation of bananas, and I am not close to giving those up yet). I like to buy organic. I like happy cows and chickens and eggs that can be free in green grass before I eat them (I can hear my dad scoffing as he reads this). And I like to know how to pronounce all the ingredients in my food which has boosted me into making several everyday items instead of buying them (bread, pita, salad dressing, bagels, and soon to be pickles, pasta and dare I say…butter!).

But in this instance, being green is taking on a literal meaning.

Organic (mostly) Local Green Monster Smoothie!
Of course, you don’t need all the ingredients to be local or organic, but why not contribute to you local economy at least? I’m very thankful that I now live in a state where most produce is local year round and farmer’s markets are available almost every day of the week. Most people don’t have such luxury. Anyway…on the smoothie. Don’t be scared, it’s truly good. I literally crave for it! I was orginally inspired by this recipe and changed things up a bit and made it a bit simplier.

What you need:
1 Cup/Bunch of Kale, washed and de-steamed if possible
1 Healthy Handful of Spinach (about 1 Cup)
1 Frozen Banana, chopped
1 Cup of Cold Almond Milk
1 Teaspoon Honey

The How To:
Blend Kale, Spinach and Almond Milk in a blender. Once bright green and smooth, add chopped frozen banana, and honey and blend more. Add more milk to achieve your desired consistency. Serves one.

At least give it a try…even the husband sipped it and didn't spit it out.
Pretty green...



***TIP: Used cold mix and the frozen banana so your smoothie is cold, otherwise, it is a room temp taste - which isn't weird and not great. If your stuff isn't cold, use half cup of ice cubes. Also, if you banana is frozen, make sure to chopped it up, otherwise your blender will get mad at you. ***

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