I'm not sure if you can jump on the bandwagon for a recipe or not, but if you can, that's certainly what I did! I've seen versions of this recipe in several places...Framed Cooks and Smitten Kitchen just to name a couple. All you need is canned or fresh tomatoes, butter, and onion! And I'll agree...it made a delicious sauce and I may or may not have lived off of it all last week (payday is this week people!).

I'm pretty sure that I used the wrong type of tomatoes since mine had basil, oregano, and garlic already in them. Also I cheated and used diced tomatoes instead of whole ones. But guess what? The sauce still turned out amazing. Therefore, I'm pretty sure that this recipe is foolproof and no matter what you do to it will still turn out the best tomato sauce ever. *Did I say anything? Well I'm sure that's not really true...


And get in my belly!

I chose to post this recipe on Valentine's Day because of the red sauce...ok, so maybe I didn't, but it's a hapy coincidence! Happy Valentine's Day!


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