"Its a Major Reward!"

We won a award!! Yay for us!
(P.S. Do you know where the quote from the title came from? Hint: Its from a  movie from a holiday that just past...)

I often find so much inspiration from Strudel and Streusel and they have kindly sent this over our way. Thanks ladies!!

This awesome award comes with some tasks and duties...
1. Thank the person who gave us the award. - Thank you Strudel and Streusel!!
2. Post the badge on our blog. - check
3. List 7 things people may not know about us. - keep reading
4. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers and notify them - umm...

Want to know more about us?

  1. I met Abbie when she was living with my husband (boyfriend then) back at FSU. He was roommates to 3 girls at the time. I still remember the day we met. It was during a party at their apartment when Chris first moved in…Abbie was a little crazy back then.
  2. Abbie and I both looove to run. Actually, Abbie stuck with when I first starting to run back when we went to FSU together. She ran cross country and I had never run a mile in my life. She hung with me 3 days a week before we went to work until I could run 30 minutes straight! I owe her big time for that!
  3. My first 15k back in Tallahassee
  4. Speaking of running, Abbie and I both pound the pavement for great causes. She runs for Baltimore’s Back on My Feet program and I run for Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
  5. I was 22 the first time I saw snow. Then I moved to Colorado and went snowboarding every weekend I could.
  6. Abbie’s cat is bigger than her dog.
  7. I was in band in high school…I played the drums though, so I was still a cool kid.
  8. Abbie loves burnt things…like burnt grilled cheese sandwiches. I bet she would like this place https://themelt.com/
So one more fact about us - we are super new to blogging and don't no many any bloggers beside Strudel and Streusel. If you know any that are really awesome, let us in the comments section and we will send this awesome award their way!

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