I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Trivia time: Do you know where “I left my heart in San Francisco” came from?

I didn't. I had to look it up. It was a song written by two guys who moved to NYC from San Francisco. They were kinda nostalgic about it all saying they left there their heart up on a hill and stuff. It was recorded by Tony Bennett back in 1962. Don't worry Coloradans, a piece of my heart is still there and Florida as well – but I truly fell in love with the San Francisco this weekend. I mean, I really liked it before – what's not to like right? But it was just overwhelmingly amazing on Saturday that I finally had to admit that it was the big L for the city and me.

It all started as my running friends and I met up to run over the Golden Gate Bridge. I can check that off my bucket list. And let me tell ya...it was breathtaking. We had a picture perfect weather day... literally. Check out the photo - postcard-esque right? P.S. I made that word up. Erica original. 
It was 6 mile stop and go run - I was totally touristy taking photos along the way. 

Afterward, we were starving and headed to Home Plate in Cow Hollow/Marina District for a late breakfast. They gave us little scone appetizers that were perfect for curbing the hungry, cranky green eye'd monster that tends to show up if I don't get my food fast enough, especially after a run. The main entree was a really REALLY yummy pesto omelet with spinach and mushrooms. I am hoping I can re-create it some Sunday morning.

After breakfast, we headed pretty much the biggest farmer's market I've ever been to at the San Francisco Ferry Building. The Ferry Building in one of my favorite places in the city. And on Saturday's year round, they have venders, farmers, jam and cheese makers, eggs, butters, honeys, olive oils, beans, ice creams, coffees and more spread all around the outside of the building. You name, its probably got a tent somewhere around there. I picked up a blend of goat and milk's cheese and tons of citrus. It was obvious it was citrus season in the bay area as you looked around and saw that was a huge majority. I've been snacking on oranges (several varieties) like crazy.
Current Fruit Basket
To wrap up the day in the city, I got a delicious cup of Blue Bottle Coffee. Last time I was at the Ferry Building, I probably waited in line for 30 minutes to get a cup. Kinda worth it if you like coffee though. Soooo good. During the market – they have a little stand outside and I got my coffee in a jiffy. Perfect.

I don't know what it was about today out of all the other days I've been to the city, but there was something in the air and it clicked, California is my home now. Maybe it was the fact I had to give up my Colorado plates Friday (my last tie of residency there), or the perfect weather, or the running, or caffeine high from the coffee, who knows.  Too bad the husband and I each would have to rob a bank to pay a month of rent to live there. Oh well. I'm happy being as close as I am. :)

{Erica} aka official CA resident as of 1/6/2012

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  1. I'm so glad it's coming together there for you! I had the same experience running across the GGB... it can make you believe in anything! Add some delicious coffee, and I can't even imagine the natural high!


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