Great Sports Weekend!

This weekend has certainly been filled with sports, get-togethers, and yummy food. 

Saturday I had a nice 4 mile run with BoMF. It was the first "long run" for training for the Nikia Half Marathon at the end of March. It was also my second run as the proud owner of a Garmin 210 watch. I'm not really sure how I've run this long without one! It's amazing, especially for someone like me who is obsessive with knowing exactly how far I've run and how fast I ran it in! I'm pretty much in love.

Then the activities for the day began by watching the Olympic marathon trials with some of my running friends. Overall I was pretty content with the outcome aside from Ritz not making the team. I was also impressed that I was able to steer clear of any spoiler alerts before the I watched the races. 

And while that was going on FSU totally DOMINATED UNC! At the end of the game Dick Vitale asked for a picture with Dulkys, who was on fire from the get-go! Watching it made me miss Tallahassee and FSU. 

Speaking of Tallahassee and FSU it was incredible to watch Tebow and the Broncos get destroyed by the Patriots, who I normally despise, but yesterday they were the lesser of the two evils!  Have you seen Tebowie?

Then today my adopted team, the Baltimore Ravens, pulled out a W against the Texans. I'm thinking if I'm going to stay here, I need to invest in an Anquan Boldin jersey. Yeah, I might be obsessed with FSU...it's fine!

I made these Crispy Parmesan Potato Puffs from How Sweet It Is to take with me to watch the Ravens game, and they certainly did not disappoint! Instead of panko, I used Italian breadcrumbs that I already had and I think they worked out pretty well. They probably would've been a bit crispier had I used the panko but I was satisfied. I did have to bake mine for about 10 minutes longer than the recipe calls for but I do have a tiny apartment size oven, and I tend to favor things that are crispier (i.e. most people might say they are burnt). I'm excited to make the leftover puffs into fried smashed potatoes in the morning for breakfast :)

Enjoy your MLK day!


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  1. You got a Garmin!! I am so jeal! PS - those potatoes look delish. Let me know how the smashed ones turn out!


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