Cooking Fail....Almost!

The other night was almost a cooking fail but don't worry...I saved the day, or soup, as the case might be. I've been wanting to make this recipe for beef, potato, quinoa soup from Skinny Taste for a couple of weeks now. Finally, I went to the grocery and picked up all of the necessary ingredients, and along the way picked up two bags of potatoes...they were buy one get one...so if anyone has yummy potato recipes send them my way!

I got home from work on Monday and was starving and had planned to make this soup. Mind you, I usually just read the ingredients to see if it's something I think I'll like and don't really read the directions, so I didn't realize I would need about 2 hours, plus my prep time (I'm not a very efficient chopper!) before I could eat, but I was determined to make this soup! 

I've gotten everything cooking and I open the meat and I think that it might've gone bad, so I throw it in the pot half expecting to have to go out to eat or get poisoned. Then I promptly call mommy dearest to ask her opinion on the poisonous level of the meat I just threw into my soup pot. She assured me I wouldn't die so I moved forward. 

I have never really cooked with bouillon before, so I only put in one cube since the recipe didn't specify. When it was time to add the potatoes and quinoa I noticed the broth was very clear. I stood there scratching my head thinking to myself hmmm and then I decided maybe I should read the directions on the bouillon packaging and sure enough, I was supposed to use 1 cube to every cup of water, so I unwrapped 4 more of those little guys and threw them in and hoped for the best. 

I also happened to make a bit to much cooked quinoa. Don't worry, I had a great solution for that! I added half a can of mandarin oranges and had it for a snack at lunch the next day :) I do have some good ideas.

Did I forget to mention that I didn't have any fresh cilantro and I maybe had 1/4 of a teaspoon left of dried cilantro so that was all I used. 

2 hours later and hopefully a bunch of disasters avoided...I scarfed down two GIANT bowlfuls of this delicious soup. And just think how much more delicious it would've been if I had let the bouillon be in the soup for as long as it was supposed to and if I had used fresh cilantro!  

Oh and since I'm still here to write about it...I didn't end up poisoning myself! 


P.S. sorry no pictures of my wonderful creation...soon I'll be taking more pictures.

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  1. Haha! You are so dang cute. Love the post and you. xo


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