Split Pea Soup.

So - Let me tell you a little story about a girl who was traumatize by vegetables as a child. Her parents “forced” her to eat at least 5 bites of each veggie that was on her plate at dinner. If she didn't eat all five bites  - NO DESSERT! Awful right?! Then she grows up, moves across the country and can’t get enough of her veggies. So, I guess she wasn't all that tramuatize. 
(Thanks Mom and Dad for making me eat my veggies) :)

Seriously though, I didn’t really eat vegetables until college and didn't try peas again until last year because of said experiences (I remember crying at the dinner table one time because I hated them so much). I still don’t eat them on a regular basis, although, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Split Pea Soup is one way that helped me re-introduced them into my life. 
This soup is thick, warm, and well...good.

My favorite way to eat it is with a little smoke gouda, croutons, a pinch of curry powder and dash of worcestershire sauce. Tonight, I had two bowls, one with curry and one without. Good stuff.

Also, I think this with be really great if you make it without the ham for a vegetarian version. Like this one from 101 Cookbooks.

P.S I know this soup is ugly. Really ugly. But it's good. Trust me.

Split Pea Soup
Serves 6-8
(inspired by my co-worker Shirley's recipe she shared with me, thanks Shirley!)
The Goods.
1lb split peas, rinsed
2 med onions, chopped
5 med carrots, chopped
3 cloves of garlic, smashed and chopped
1 jalapeno, de-veined/de-seeded depending on how hot you like it and chopped
1 left over ham bone or ham hock
4 cups chicken or vegetable broth
4 cups water
salt, pepper
teaspoon celery seed
1 tbsp olive oil

Optional Toppings.

A pinch of curry powder
Smoked gouda or any other cheese
Croutons (Homemade from Homemade Bread of course)
Worcestershire sauce
How to make it.
Turn a large pot on medium high with about a tablespoon olive oil.
Once heated a bit, throw in the onions, carrots, garlic and jalapeƱo.
Season with salt, pepper and celery seed.
When veggies are softened, pour in the chicken broth, water and pea and stir to combine.
Next, place the ham bone in the pot and bring to a boil.
Once its boiling, reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 1hr 15minutes. If you like your peas al dente, cook 1hr. If you like it mushy, 1hr 30mins.
Transfer batch carefully to a blender and puree to smooth out. Do this carefully as soup will be hot and steamy. You can use a hand blender if you have one.

And you're done.

Enjoy with your favorite toppings.

Also forgot to tell you about the croutons!

Homemade Croutons.
Heat the oven to 350*. Take some stale bread; whatever you have on hand will work. Break up into pieces and toss in about tablespoon of olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Bake for 10 minutes or until browned and crunchy. Watch carefully as they can burn quickly.


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  1. Hmm... you know my love of veggies, yet I've never been able to get into peas. But, you've inspired me! I'll have to try it (without the ham, natch!) and I'll let you know how it goes!


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