Early Christmas

Dan and I roadtripped 12 hours (16ish for me) down to Pensacola for Thanksgiving. While there, my family went ahead and celebrated Christmas since we won't be together in December. The food and the company were fabulous.

Last night I put to use for the first time my new Kitchen Aid Mixer. I almost peed my pants when I opened it! For awhile now I've been wanting one and would get bummed out anytime I came across a recipe I wanted to make that required the use of a dough hook or some other kind of fancy method of stirring. All that was put to an end!

For my first time using the mixer I decided to keep it easy and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies to take with me to my book club tonight. I used a recipe from the Indianapolis Star that my Grandma had cut out and sent to me awhile ago. It's definitely a keeper! And I watched in amazement as my beautiful dough came together. (I really did stare at it in awe!)

I can't wait to put my new mixer up to a harder challenge sometime soon!

For dinner last night I made the simplest, yet enjoyable recipe for Lemon Garlic Spaghetti. I'm not sure why I can't ever think of these things myself, but I'll be making this more often since most of the items I keep on hand. I made a few adjustments such as using rotini instead of spaghetti and I used sliced almonds instead of pine nuts. Can't wait to eat my leftovers for lunch today.


P.S. - I'm completely addicted to pinterest. It's happened.

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