Thanks November!

A one year wedding anniversary, parents coming to visit Cali for the first time, a best coming to visit as well, Thanksgiving with two turkeys, midnight Black Friday shopping, a Birthday, Irish Coffees and a bar full of people singing "Happy Birthday," walking up a few large hills and driving down a crazy one, the best fish and chips in the city, too much dessert for my own good, being a tourist and loving it, and bliss. What a crazy few weeks this has been!
The photos tell a better story...
Chris setting up the turkey fryer tarp thing.

Prep time. Yes, Chris is wearing gloves. 
He watches too much Alton Brown sometimes.
Chris's fried turkey - 
Yay he didn't blow up the house!
(Mine was roasted (just in case the frying didn't work out)
 and equally delish.)
Dessert #1 Cheesecake
(sorry no pics of #2, chocolate cream pie AKA crack pie 
as described by Catie)
The Fam visiting the bridge.
Starting the birthday off with Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista Cafe.
Just about 2 minutes later, the whole bar started singing
Happy Birthday to me. It was awesome - I blushed.

If you visit San Francisco - find this place. 

My Birthday Cake (dessert #3) (store bought and yummy) 

On the Alcatraz Tour and Chris in some solitary cell. Creepers. 

Now to start a December Adventure!


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  1. A few things: 1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so sorry I missed it. 2. Is it possible that you've been married a year already?! 3. You are adorable! That photo of you and your beautiful cake is super cute. Miss you, friend!


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