Baking Bonanza.

I was a baking fool last weekend.

Tip #1: Wear socks while baking - it helps clean up all the flour that may accidentally get dumped on the floor.

Let me take a step back - a few weeks ago, my dear friend Morgan came to San Francisco for a food blogging conference. After about 10 minutes catching up, I stopped and said something like "wait, you have a blog too??" I was so excited because she is an amazing baker and I couldn't wait to try and make some of her stuff. The first was bread! So simple she said, and it was true. Check out my end result, it looks like real bread at least. I carved it up with the electric knife and we had perfect sandwich bread. Also, it's super good with the cranberry persimmon chutney I made the week before. I recommend trying it! You may not want to buy bread again. 

My next venture was her simple scones. Aren't they fun looking?! One batch was fresh strawberries and the next I added a bit of Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter and dark chocolate chips. Both were great. A keeper my friends. 

Happy Baking!


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  1. Your baked goodness is gorgeous! You're the best, friend! I can't wait to go to the conference together next year!


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