The E-Reader Dilemma.

If you know me, you know I love a good book and a good library where I can get free books. I was recently reading Pat Conway's "Price of Tides" and was complaining to Chris that my arms kept getting tired after holding the dang thing up in bed because it was an 800 page hard back book. After I finished the book, and gained 5 pounds a muscles in my arms, I went to the library like I usually do to get another good read. I ended up leaving the library with a Nook....and that night I feel in LOVE! First of all, I thought it was crazy that the library was lending out e-readers, but the great thing is that with the Nook you can still rent library books electronically. So I tried it for 3 weeks and ended up buying a Kindle this weekend. I drank the e-reader Kool-Aid. It is pretty amazing though. It is so light, easily fits in my purse, and now you can get Kindle books from the library too, so I am happy all around. 

Don't judge me fellow nerds until you've tried it. 


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