This has turned out to be the weekend of blankets. It's feeling a lot like fall here in Baltimore so I broke out my favorite fuzzy blanket for my bed. I love sleeping when it's cold outside and snuggling down under the covers. It still might be a little too warm for my fuzzy blanket since I've woken up the past few nights sweating!

Yesterday was a fabulous Saturday of laying on the couch and watching college football. Even more so since FSU wasn't playing and the stress level wasn't there. My friend Gilly and I made pigs in a blanket and brownies and it was wonderful. Harper was a cannibal and ate a little wiener in a blanket too haha!

This morning several of us went to Paper Moon Diner and I had the breakfast version of pigs in a blanket...I'm thinking I might turn into one myself especially if I eat the leftovers from last night for lunch or dinner today! I'm thinking if that's what it comes too...I'm totally ok with it. I noticed on their menu they have sorbet iced tea. Lemon sorbet in iced tea...I'm entrigued, but it was too cold this morning to order that.

Harper got a haircut last weekend and so now he's constantly cold. Which kind of makes me happy because he's even more interested in snuggling then he usually is. I've even been nice and let him sleep in bed with me the past couple of nights. Also, he's back to burrowing under the blanket on my bed while I'm in the shower in the mornings. He's currently on my lap while I'm writing this halfway under the blanket that I have draped on my lap.

Ahh blankets...how I love you!

Harper with hair

Harper with no hair

 Now you see why he loves blankets as much as I do :)


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